Civil War II #1 Review

Protect the Future. Change the Future. That’s the theme of the two sides in Civil War II. Marvel has timed this event perfectly. Captain America Civil War was one of the most, if not the most enjoyable superhero films ever. Years of build-up led to the massive event. Now, the comics have also piggy backed off of the movie’s success. Civil War II overall is a different take on superhero conflicts. We also see the popularity of the Inhumans as well come into play. Which works wonders for the MCU since Inhumans movie could still be coming out in 2019. It’s a smart move on Marvel’s part to get people who aren’t entirely familiar with the Inhumans (like myself) a chance to see what they are about.



The issue starts with a student named Ulysses running through Columbus, Ohio. He’s clearly terrified and scared out of his mind. We then see Medusa (her hair is absolutely insane) and she calmly tells Ulysses the Inhumans can help him. I said it earlier but this is such a smart move by Marvel. Civil War I focused on the relationship between the government and superheroes. It questioned the morality of a superhero’s role in society. From the first two pages of this issue, we see that this is an entirely different ball game. This is a smart move because I think Civil War II needed to be different in every way in order to make people forget about the greatness of Civil War I.

A couple of weeks later, we see the new Avengers struggling in New York. Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova are in the fight of their lives. Their outfits have been ripped apart, and none of them look optimistic about what’s going on. The next couple of pages show an enormous figure, that looks somewhat like Galactus, standing in the middle of Manhattan. The Avengers look helpless against this monstrous figure. We then see a boom appear on the next page. Spider-Man freaks out a bit, but Iron Man tells him it’s okay because that means Thor is coming (for those of you that don’t know, Thor is a girl now in the comics.) Thor then appears out of nowhere! I noticed that her hand was drawn very poorly when she first appeared too. I’m not a big stickler when it comes to artwork in comics, but her hand looked like a lanky insect. Despite that, the next page shows us a who’s who of people in the Marvel universe. Thor brought massive help including Medusa, War Machine, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Rogue, and many more! It looked beautiful. Doctor Strange and other sorcerers from the Marvel universe show up as well. They all perform a massive spell that sends the celestial destructor back to its dimension. The city is saved and a party commences at Stark Tower. At the party, She-Hulk comes up to Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, and asks her how they knew about the destructor in the first place. Captain Marvel asks Medusa, and Medusa introduces the crew to Ulysses. Ulysses explains he has the power to see the future. He saw the destructor before it came to Manhattan. Jean Grey is then called to try and read Ulysses’ mind. Jean can’t read anything though. Immediately, Captain Marvel then asks Ulysses if he wants a job on her team, the Ultimates. Tony Stark replies with an annoyed, “Really?” Already we see the two sides starting to form. Captain Marvel wants to stop crimes before they happen, but Tony sees a lot of problems with this. Tony talks about what happens when the kid sees something involving a good guy. Would they just lock up a good guy for doing something they didn’t even do, but rather were going to do? The question is interesting no doubt, but I was glad that Marvel let Tony evolve in his thinking a bit. In Civil War I, it frustrated me that Tony almost instantly became a government flunky. In the comics and the movie, he was totally okay with locking up his friends. Now, he’s expanded his thinking and realizes there isn’t always a one track solution to everything. Captain Marvel isn’t necessarily wrong either here to me. If you have a chance to be prepared for villains before they strike, why not? Captain Marvel though seems as though she wants to take advantage of the situation rather than let it play out itself. Ulysses is clearly a mess and in no condition to be a part of a team just yet. He just recently discovered his powers. This meeting ends with Ulysses saying, “Wow. Tony Stark.” Peter Parker then replies, “Yeah, it’s exciting. Then you get over it.” This made me laugh so hard, seeing as how we just saw their first meeting in the MCU. Peter looks up to Tony and that was the main reason he even joined his team. The moral argument of the Accords didn’t affect Peter too much at the time, he just wanted to be with his hero.

Ulysses later wakes up and has a vision. He says they need to get word to the Ultimates. Tony Stark is in his lab later and he receives word that War Machine is dead. He loses his mind! He charges into the hallway looking for Captain Marvel. She’s with She-Hulk, who is holding on for dear life in a hospital bed. Carol then tells Tony that War Machine went on the mission willingly. She says Thanos was the one who killed him. She then says they knew where Thanos was going to be. He asks how. The next panel of War Machine getting obliterated by Thanos is heartbreaking. Carol then tells Tony it was Ulysses. Tony flips on Carol. He tells her that’s exactly what he was worried about. That she shouldn’t have tried to play God and predict the future. She-Hulk then wakes up and gets enough strength to say a few words. She tells Carol that the future is everybody’s not just Tony’s. She tells Carol to fight for that future. She then flat lines and passes away. I was crushed. The issue ends on such a gut wrenching note.


Civil War II has started off with a bang in their first issue. This issue did what Civil War I, the movie, should have done. It killed War Machine. If War Machine would have died in the movie, it would have driven Tony over the edge. He was already portrayed a bit as the villain, but his best friend dying would have sealed the deal. Why they didn’t I don’t know (Disney isn’t going to let Marvel kill any of their heroes just yet) but it should have happened. Hawkeye, Black Widow, somebody should have died in Civil War. Or Cap should have gotten arrested. The movie felt like a solid conclusion to Cap’s story, but unfinished when it came to the Civil War aspect. This issue says screw it. They kill two important characters right off the bat. One on each side. This makes the conflict have a different meaning. What is it going to take for our heroes to come together after this? More deaths? More destruction? I hope neither is the answer, but there are a ton of characters to work with. That’s a ton of characters who could die in the crossfires of this ethical conflict between Captain Marvel and Iron Man. Do we protect the future? Or do we change it? I can’t wait for issue #2 that’s for sure.


Hope you enjoyed this review! Civil War II #2 comes out this Wednesday, June 15th. I’ll be getting it and reviewing it that same day. A throwback review of The Dark Knight Rises is coming this Thursday as well. As always, follow me on Twitter @Hero_Review and share this review with fellow readers. Until next time!!

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